Native Plant Garden underway

One of the most important aspects of the Watkinson Park redesign was the creation of a native plant garden to contribute to the support of bee, butterfly, bird and other insect beings to thrive in the area. FoWP have been working with Joce Tremblay from The Stop. In June we did a seed planting in The Stop greenhouse, we then re-potted our seedlings and finally they were ready to plant. We were quite surprised to arrive in the park a couple days before our planned plant day to see the the city or parks had planted a ton of geraniums in the available garden space that we had planned for native plants. As well, they removed all the goldenrod that we had planted. As lovely as geraniums are, they are not part of the project, so we removed them and gave them away to passers by so we could have the space back for the plants the FoWP had grown in the greenhouse.

FoWP planted: heritage Indigenous tobacco, sage, switch grass, mulva mallow, bergamot, lemon balm, sunflower, milkweed and evening primrose.

Getting our hands in the dirt and planting these new friends was a very happy and restorative time! At the end of the day a robins nest was discovered full of babies with their mouths open.

thanks to: Joce, Angela, Harietta, Jane, Deb and Kim for all the great work!



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