Seed Saving

FoWP started harvesting the tobacco leaves and other seeds from the garden this past week including: yarrow, echinacea, columbine. Next week we have amazing cardinalis seeds and sage that we will harvest.

The garden attracted many butterflies and bees to the park over the summer and has also given community members the chance to commune with plants. Working in the garden has a very noticeable calming and happiness inducing effect on us all.

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Next year we have plans for ferns and a lot more grass. Hopefully we can get some raspberries back (we lost all ours this year) as well as some golden rod. We hope to also plant more medicines that can be harvested for teas. Today we also discussed getting a compost going! In the meantime we can collect fallen leaves to add nutrition to the garden. Thanks as always to Joce for guiding us in this work.

This native plant garden signifies a commitment to engaging with sustainable landscapes based in pre-colonial/capitalist ecologies and Indigenous knowledge. We also acknowledge that native plant gardens are an urban trend that can be non-political and in fact contribute to gentrification. FoWP work towards furthering a political understanding of native plant gardening in the urban context as a recognition of Indigenous Land Sovereignty issues in Tkaronto and also that global warming is a dire issue that confronts us to work on alternatives to capitalist relationships to land and nature. FoWP also consider gardening as socially restorative space where everyone is welcome. Restorative also for the traumas of living in poverty. We hope that our very clear anti-gentrification stance will prevent our gardening work to be construed as playing into gentrification. We claim this garden work for a non-gentrifying, sustainable and decolonial future!


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