Halloween Installation in Watkinson Park

Friends of Watkinson Park gathered on the eve of Halloween to practice the magic of effigy creation. Making effigies was a very potent experience: there was a lot of joy but also some flaring emotions. But as the bodies take form, you can also feel their energy coming into being. Here we have Free Spirit dancing on the head of Developer from Hell (a la Trump). Developer from Hell tells us: I PROFIT FROM YOUR TRAUMA. Free Spirit warns: GENTRIFICATION KILLS. Tired of all the condo development and gentrification going on around, we cast our spell for Free Spirit to enter our consciousness, to help us break free of the violent daily life regimes of colonial/capitalism and the harm it causes Indigenous and poor people everywhere. For us Free Spirit represents a fluid and boundary breaking entity who loves all life.

We hung our effigies on the fences for a few days over Halloween. On Halloween night a pair of Carrion Birds who were out Watching The Horrors of Humanity, stopped by to witness Free Spirit and Developer From Hell!

Funnily, a city worker came to take them down, but a FoWP member was able to intervene and save them. The city worker said they had to come down in case someone mistook the text for something the city advocated! ha ha.


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