Latest design proposal from the city – not exactly what was agreed to

Dundas Watkinson Parkette_Preferred Concept Illustration Friends of Watkinson Park met yesterday to go over the latest version of the proposed design. We have been informed that construction on the park will begin the first week of August and take about 2 months weather permitting. While we are satisfied with some aspects of the design, there are many features that have been added or changed and that don’t correspond to the agreement made at the public meeting between FoWP, the community and the city (Gord Perks office, Clive, Dan and Michael) September 24, 2015. These changes are a cause for great … Continue reading Latest design proposal from the city – not exactly what was agreed to

Working towards a nature park: more bird feeders

The bird feeders are well attended and we have had to restock them twice already. Maybe we can attract some regular visits from cardinals, blue jays, finches, robins, doves, chickadees… We’re still awaiting the final design and start date for the park renovation, but in the meantime we are gathering info on seed exchanges and native plants (and where to get them). FoWP are also looking forward to gardening. We may start with a fence garden… work on a green wall. Imagining a critters park…     Continue reading Working towards a nature park: more bird feeders

Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust

Members of FoWP went to the Annual General Meeting of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust last week and were very intrigued by what we heard. The concept is to buy land and place it under the control of a community organization for the purpose of developing low-income housing, community gardens and community space. The city cannot be relied upon, so it is up to community folks to move forward in a parallel way. Currently the PNLT has received Trillium and Metcalf foundation funding to establish the project. The feeling at the AGM was one of hope and readiness. We learned that … Continue reading Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust