Native Plant Garden

FoWP Plant List
Mulva Mallow
Prairie Sage
Blue Aster
-Pollinator plant
Evening Primrose
Swamp milkweed
Solomon seal
Gay feather
Ojibwe Tobacco
Blue Lobelia
Butterfly Milkweed
-Important plant for Indigenous Peoples
-Roots are medicinal, good for lung problems, bronchitis, asthma – also called pleurisy root, rheumatism, bruises, swelling and lameness (?)
-Attracts Monarchs and feeds a variety of other insects
-Roots and flower buds are edible. Leaves need to be boiled several times to remove bitterness, pods can be pickled
-Downy part of seed can be used as insulation and soaking up oil spills
Grey Goldenrod
Grey Cone flower
Solomon Seal
Indian Grass
Bottlebrush Grass
Switch Grass
Wild Rye Grass
Little Blue Stem
Fire Weed
Wild Ginger
Smooth Rose
– Has no thorns
– Rose hips are edible for birds and chipmunks
– Leaves are home to Striped Hairstreak Butterfly caterpillars
– Medicinal uses: sore eyes, itchy piles, indigestion and heartburn. Rose hips are nutrient rich and may prevent cancer
Witch Hazel
Butterfly Bush
Lady fern

Wish list
Sweet grass
Three Sisters Garden: Corn, beans, squash